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Skate Sharpening

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At Affordable Athletics we know how much a good sharpening can make a difference for any skater, which is why we take pride in providing our customers with only the best quality when it comes to sharpenings. Our staff are all fully trained on our Blademaster skate sharpener and strive to provide you with the same consistent sharpness and edge balancing day in and day out!

 Price: $8.99

Our Sharpenings


⅜” - Our sharpest cut, provides lots of bite with minimal glide, more for aggressive skaters.


½” - The regular, the perfect balance of bite and glide.


⅝” - A slightly duller cut, providing a bit more glide while still maintaining some bite.


¾” - Our dullest cut, providing a smooth glide for skaters who don’t skate aggressively.


1” - Our figure skate cut, specifically for figure skates accommodating their thicker blades.

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